To start a professional cleaning business, you are going to need a few resources. You need towels and cleaning detergents as well as a bustling reputation to bring in those customers. However, you’re going to need some machines to get all of that work done. Here are three pieces of heavy equipment that you need as a new Commercial Cleaning Contractor.

You Need Commercial Vacuums

Whenever you have a professional cleaning business, you need to make sure that you have commercial vacuums. Customers expect a perfectly clean carpet, and the residential models usually don’t cut it. Of course, commercial vacuums are a bit pricier, but they do the work twice as fast and twice as good. If you want to show your customers you are serious, buckle down and get vacuums that will work.

You Also Need Floor Buffers

These may seem silly, but when you have a customer that wants their marble floor polished like a mirror, your mop just isn’t going to cut it. You need an industrial floor buffer that can really make floors shine and will save you the back-breaking labor, especially on those floors that seem to never end. You have other things to clean, so leave the floor polishing to the floor buffer professional machines.

What You Really Need: A Truck

Since you need to haul around all of your cleaning supplies and you need to promote your brand, you need to invest in an SUV, or specifically truck that can haul huge amounts of weight to support the various cleaning machines that you will need to take to your jobs. You don’t want to get a huge request, and then you have to explain that you can’t get your machines all over there at the same time.

Starting a cleaning business requires having everything ready to go. You don’t have to have top of the line equipment to start. Other than that, you just need to put in a bunch of elbow grease and hope that you get yourself some great repeat clients. Make sure to get the essentials, and learn the best cleaning techniques to really keep your clients satisfied.

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