How to Take Good Care of Your Designer Jewellery

If you look at most women today, you will discover that they value designer jewellery and they even go for some the essentials like the ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, and earring. Most people buy some expensive jewellery, but they aren’t sure of how they would keep it in good condition for a longer time. If you aren’t sure how you would maintain the designer jewellery, it’s good to ensure you consult the designer to know how you would do it.

You should avoid using a piece of silver jewellery on watery places because water damages silver in some ways if exposed to it for a long time. It’s advisable to remover your designer jewellery as you go for your shower or find some ways to dry it after showering. It’s also important to ensure you remove your designer jewellery when going to the swimming pool since the chlorine in the water may corrode it in some ways.

Even though you feel that the designer jewellery can’t be affected while in the hot tub, you shouldn’t always embrace some preventive measures and get there without it. It’s fine to apply the beauty creams and lotions on your hands and body, but you should avoid applying the products on your jewellery since they do not go well with them. Ensure you put on your jewellery after the beauty products are dry to avoid compromising the quality of the silver’s luster.

You need to think about where you would store the jewellery you aren’t wearing since the maintenance you give them matters a lot. Most of the silver ornaments are known to get tarnished when exposed to air for a long time, and this has been proved many times. It’s important to ensure that you get some airtight bags where you would store the jewellery and ensure the bag has the required properties to prevent it from being tarnished.

It’s also important to know that harsh sunlight and sweating could also damage the surface of the jewellery if you don’t take care. Contact sports and gym are good, but you need to ensure you don’t participate in any of these while wearing your jewellery. Take your jewellery away if you are ready to perform some household chores.

Ask the designer for the correct reagent to clean the jewellery when it gets dirty. Ensure you avoid toilet or paper towels when cleaning your jewellery and stick to the recommended microfiber cloth. Circular strokes damage the jewellery, and that’s why you should only do up-down strokes.

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